Benefits of Insulated Radiant Floor Heating

Benefits Of Insulated Radiant Floor Heating Insulheat

InsulHeat directs heat primarily in the one direction, reducing wasteful by-heating and increasing the speed of heat delivery to the desired space.

1. Energy-Efficiency

The electric and water-based systems of radiant floor heating heat the room for efficient warmth. While the water systems use hot water running through pipes in the subfloor, the electric system uses the heating wiring beneath the floor.

These two need a temperature of about 29 degrees Celsius to heat a room. That is low compared to the 75 degrees Celsius that the traditional radiators need to heat a room. So, they consume less energy leading to lower energy costs.

These two systems also provide warmth from the floor, and the warm air spreads to the rest of the room, minimizing the cases of cold spots. They also do not overheat, unlike the traditional radiators that make the room too hot and other times too cold.

For that reason, radiant heating saves on heating bills, making it energy-efficient.

2. More Space

Radiant floor heating systems are installed under the floors, unlike radiators placed on the walls and ceiling. You will not need to move some seats or tables to the bedroom to create space, messing up with your home design.

It gives you an opportunity to decorate your walls and the entire space without interference.

3. Easy To Install and Run

After installation, the radiant heat flooring systems do not need maintenance, and they can serve you for up to 30 years without having to be replaced. You can use a Smart WiFi thermostat or a programmed thermostat for efficient automatic heating.

The programmed thermostat is set to start heating the house at a particular time, and you can decide to switch it off at night to save energy.

Alternatively, you can use a simple manual thermostat that is easy to read, understand, and operate. You only need to switch it on when it is cold and switch it off during the day when it is warm.

4. Provides Safety and Comfort

Radiators have sharp edges and surfaces, causing accidents, especially if you have children in the house.

With radiant heating floor, the systems are tucked in the floor. So, you don’t have to worry about your young one reaching them or touching the sharp edges. They also do not overheat to the point of causing accidents when touched.

Radiators might cause temperature changes, reducing the air’s oxygen levels, making the room uncomfortable to live in. It may affect people who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma. With floor heating systems, the air is kept fresh.

5. Wide Variety of Floor Covering

Underfloor heating does not limit you to any floor covering. You can use tile and stone, wood, carpet, or even vinyl coverings for your floor. It gives you the freedom to decorate and customize your home because the wires underneath are not affected by the cover.